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Bologna Children's Book Fair

Bologna, Italy Apr 01 - Apr 05, 2019

Bologna Children's Book Fair

Show Date: Apr 01 - Apr 05, 2019
Location: Bologna, Italy

For the past 56 years Bologna has been the leading event for children's publishing, rights, licensing and co-publishing.  The worlds leading producers of children's content, publishing, TV/Film, literary agents, packagers, and licensing developers will attend  the Bologna Book Fair.  2019: 1,280 Exhibitors from 100+ countries and 26,700 visitors. The Bologna Book Fair is the best place to generate and gather new contacts while strengthening professional relationships.  Discover new opportunites and see, first hand, the latest trends in the industry.

The American Collective Stand can help in making your exhibiting experience worry free without the headaches of the language barrier, reserving space, setting up and manning a stand by yourself.  ACS's all-inclusive services allows you to concentrate on your business at hand rather than where to go to order a table and chairs, or how to ship to the exhibit facility without your books getting caught up in customs.  Here are some benefits of participating in the ACS Collective...

  • All space, furnishings, shipping, customs clearance, program listings, hotel bookings, and badges are all taken care of ACS in advance of the Fair.

  • You can budget in advance, and in U.S. dollars without fluctuations in currency.  There are no unexpected charges that always seem to appear when you exhibit on your own.

  • Arrive to the show later than if you were exhibiting on your own, and leave early saving thousands of dollars in T/E, not to mention your time.

  • ACS services include our own wireless network so you can have access to your emails and your web site during the fair.

  • ACS's famous "Survival Room", where our participants go for a cup of coffee, bottle of water, not so healthy snacks, or just to escape for a few minutes.

  • ACS Reception Desk where messages can be left or meetings can be scheduled on your behalf.

Publishers, agents, packagers and wholesalers/distributors can choose a display option that best fits their needs from a single title displayed to a large dedicated space devoted soley for them.

  • Display a single title or shelf through our sister company, Combined Book Exhibit. Visit our website at
  • Panel Display. Includes five one meter shelves, storage area, table and two chairs. Also includes official listing in the Bologna Children's Book Fair Directory as well as a llsting in the ACS catalog and website.
  • 4m2 Stand. Includes 16-20 Shelves, large signage, table, chairs, shipping and customs clearance from our Buchanan, NY address, exhibit badges, official listing in Bologna Children's Book Fair Directory, use of hotel blocks reserved for ACS participants, amd use of all ACS services.
  • 6m2+ Stands. Please inquire.